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The Double Entendre

When we mix ideas, there are many times we think we are working with diametrically opposed ideas

or physical objects; but, in practice, when we shake the bottle hard enough the elements hold a long time

in suspension. We pour out the contents onto our salad and are surprised by the flavorful results. Interior Design

has the reputation of being only for the rich. When we pick up a magazine like Architectural Digest our blood starts

to simmer as we imagine buying many of the high end products. We fantasize. We plan the next project of a part of our home we would like to rebuild. We vault mentally to the yacht we would love to buy and the furnishings we would

love to have in it.

So how is this world of ID going to blend with Christ's mission which was completed roughly two thousand years ago? "Lots of luck," you might say. J.C. was all about poverty and obedience to God's will. He was a marathon walker. He didn't ride a horse. He rode a donkey or took a skiff when he had one. He offered his services for free. But ultimately he toppled old religions and whole kingdoms with his Message. Still, he was a carpenter. When one imagines Christ bent over some boards and tieing together a table top or installing a door, one imagines he was seriously interested in quality and longevity. So maybe he might have charged a pretty penny for his services. Maybe not. Maybe his Roman clients would have treated him poorly or taken advantage of him. One can only imagine The Lord turning the highest quality product that would last for generations. So we have found a starting point. Christ would not have cut corners; he wouldn't have been a dishonest businessman. And yes he did do business!

How do we blend these disparate elements? Well, maybe in the end we will have to shake things up a whole lot. That is what Jesus Christ did. He was the ultimate rebel. How would He have wanted us to design our Interior Spaces? That is the question asked; that is the question on the paper, in the bottle, floating around in the sea, that has found its way from me to you. Let's answer it through sincere action and in sincere prayer. Let's get things moving. Wailoa Reception Table design T.S. Lockie

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