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Santander to Como to Rio de Janeiro-One Bike/1 Pencil

Thomas Lockie attended Hawaii Preparatory Academy and graduated from Emerson college in Boston in 1984. After living in Spain, Italy, and then later in Brazil during the late eighties and early to mid nineties he went to work for his family company, Antique Designs Inc in 1997. Starting by running the production line, speaking Spanish every day, he rose to be AGM and later owner before selling AD Nouveau and Antique Designs to Hyde Park Custom- Gail and Kieth Hudson in 2010. With over 13 years in the furniture industry and over 22 million dollars of high end furniture built and sold, he has decided to return to his roots- helping writers, free christian décor, planting mangroves, fishing, and missionary work in Brazil and the USA. With a home base in Tampa, Florida he invites readers to email questions that turn into the subject matter for this e-zine>>>>

 Water Writers Workshop


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