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Christian Interior Design

What is Christian Interior Design? If I google it I don’t get anything specific about how the Christian community is designing the interior spaces of their residences. I find that incredible. And, of course, by “Christian” I mean all the churches…. Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Christian Scientist etc. How would Christ like the insides of our houses to look? How would he feel if he came walking by and we invited him in, Unknowingly, into our living rooms? Offered him some fish tacos and a glass of OJ? As we think about it, the free associations get moving. Would he approve of a TV in every room? Would he approve of luxurious touches like gold plated door knobs and 72 inch plasma TVs?

So maybe Christ can google it himself since he is all knowing and all seeing. Most likely he can scroll through the offerings… He would see nothing when He googled “Christian Interior Design,” and he might bounce to “Christian Home Décor.” He would be invited to shop for “Religious and Inspirational Plaques,” “Popular items for Christian home décor,” “Decorative crosses,” and more. He might come running head on into the idea that we are trying to sell, sell, sell his image and name and maybe he might become a little uncomfortable. What really is Christian Interior Design? The term itself is pregnant with possibilities. But if we embrace it like Christ would like us too, most likely it would have less to do with what we put in our homes, and more to do with what we DON’T put into our houses. Maybe it might have more to do with HOW we spend our money and how we can run a tight ship so we can dedicate our time to our fellow man. Possibly, if Christ were able to come inside our homes with his own ideas, he might unleash a mountain of secret moves so we could increase the positive energy, enable us to create more loving spaces, render thoughtful niches for contemplation, and open up the space so we can truly open our eyes and save ourselves from a trite life of merely collecting trinkets for the sake of display.

Thomas Lockie lives in Tampa, FL. For 13 years he was a manufacturer-industrial designer @ Antique Designs Inc. (97-2010) Contact him for more info re

Christian Interior Design.

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